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Cynthia Beth Rubin

New Haven, CT USA

Cynthia Beth Rubin is a new media artist whose works evoke imagined narratives through interwoven layers of representation and abstraction, frequently combined with Augmented Reality and interactive experience. She is equally fascinated by the imagined memories of cultural history and with envisioning the unseen microscopic life of oceans and still waters. An early adopter of digital imaging, her transition from paint to computer began in 1984. Currently her work takes the form of prints, videos, interactive works, and other new media, with a return to integrating the gestures of traditional media.

Rubin’s work has been recognized internationally through exhibitions and film festivals, including Creative Tech Week in New York City, the Jerusalem Biennial, the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Siberia State Art Museum, the Kyrgyzstan State Museum, and in cities such as Paris, New York, Toronto, Montreal and elsewhere around the world. Rubin’s awards include multiple Connecticut Artist Fellowships, the New England Foundation on the Arts, the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture and other awards, and artist residencies in France, Israel, Canada, and Scotland. Her work has been published in at least 10 international languages.

Stained Glass Window over the Entrance to Congregation Beth El–Keser Israel, New Haven Connecticut. Designed with input from from Jayne Crowley, of JC Art Glass, who fabricated the final window.

The central star is the exact form of the star that was central to in the stained glass window in the original Beth El synagogue (Rose Street Shul), although the colors are unique to the contemporary BEKI window. The arches refer to the tradition of using architectural motifs to separate sections in a Scroll of Esther (Megillah). The texture and forms refer to the natural landscape and sky, as the upper color move from left to right (inside) or right to left (outside) reflecting sunrise to sunshine to haze to mellow blue dusk.

Proposed Ark Doors

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