The Anolic Family Awards

AnolicThe Isaac Anolic Memorial Annual Jewish Book Arts Award 

Deadline June 1, 2015

A sum of $1,500 will be awarded towards the creation of a unique work of art in the field of Jewish book arts.

Book Arts refers to works of art that originate from a relationship to the book form, ranging from scrolls, accordion-style, illuminated manuscripts, graphic novels or hand-bound printed sheets, as well as hand-made paper, newspapers, comics, ephemera, deconstructed books, photographs, etc.

Jewish Book Arts refers to a work that relates in some way to the greater world of Jewish writings, religion, Jewish thought, history or culture and how words appear in the Jewish tradition. Possible reference points could include: Prayer books, the mezuzah, the ketubbah, Jewish history, sacred texts, the haggadah, etc.

Application form hereAll submissions are to be done on-line.