Ruth Schreiber in 2 Art Exhibits in Israel

Ruth Schreiber is participating in 2 shows in Israel at present:

1. “White Matter” is a show of Contemporary Porcelain Sculpture  at Wilfrid Israel Museum in Kibbutz Hazorea, Lower Galilee.

Schreiber is showing her triple porcelain piece “No More”.

unnamedThis exhibit will run until November.

Exhibition times: Monday-Friday 9am-2pm; Tuesday 12-6pm; Shabbat and Chagim 10am -4pm

For further information call 04 9899566.

The growing interest in porcelain and the possibilities it offered presented artists with new challenges, and expanded conceptual contexts and conventional work methods. Some of the works in the exhibition defy the noble delicacy of porcelain as pretense; others point at its fragility as concealing a painful biography of loss, and its whiteness as erasure of memory. Technically and aesthetically, too, the works challenge the boundaries of the material and its qualities: work in unusual dimensions; wheel throwing combined with hand-building; use of ultra-thin porcelain paper clay; dipping materials that dissolve in firing in liquid porcelain, thereby preserving every nuance, as if they had been frozen in time; and the creation of fossils of culture and nature. The cultural memory stored in the porcelain, and the reciprocity between East and West, continue to serve as fertile ground for contemporary work.


2. “Metzi’un” is a group show of the co-operative gallery, Agripas 12, in Jerusalem, and it focuses on gallery members’ sources of inspiration.

This exhibit continues until August 22nd.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 4:30-7:30pm; Friday 11-2pm.

Gallery talk: 6th August 8pm.