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Portraits: Revealing & Concealing

Art exhibit at the Deerfield Arts Bank

Soft opening: Sunday, November 15, 2015

Festive Reception: Thursday, November 19 (6-8pm)

Nov. 15- Jan. 14, 2016, W, F, Sun  2-6; Thurs 2-8

3 Sugarloaf Street, South Deerfield


Every portrait shows us something but also hides something.  18th century portraits were commissioned  by the subject of the portrait.  In the background we could see their castle and lands.  Their clothes and jewelry showed their wealth, their position behind a desk showed their intelligence or profession.  What are we saying about ourselves in a self-portrait?  When we paint  a portrait, what are we trying to reveal about the subject and what is concealed?  The work of 36 (mostly) local artists demonstrates this puzzle and we, the viewers, can join the exploration.

Other events related to the exhibit:

1. Thursday, Dec 3:  Portrait Sketch Session with local artist Elizabeth Stone

The artist Elizabeth Stone will draw a charcoal portrait. Come watch or sketch along. Sketchers may ask for hints about how to improve their drawing at the break. Bring a sketchbook and simple materials (pencil, pen, charcoal, eraser)

2. Every day the gallery is open: Photo Booth for Selfies & Portraits

We want your face in the exhibit too!  Come to our make-shift Photo Booth. We’ll add your portrait to our real “Face Book.”

Gallery website    413-665-0123

More info: Jane Trigere 

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