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Alan Falk’s Song of Songs

FalkA recently published limited edition book features 23 watercolors and additional drawings by artist Alan Falk, based on one of the greatest love poems ever written.

The Song of Songs celebrates the awakening and consummation of love between a young woman and her lover, who meet secretly in an idyllic landscape where they discover and celebrate the pleasures of love. Their mutual adoration is declared, and their intimate relationship is described through rich metaphor alluding to a harmonious relationship between the human body and nature.

Falk expresses the romantic and magical aspects of love through his colorful, evocative and sensual paintings which compliment a lyrical contemporary interpretation which has been hailed by academics and scholars for its precise and assiduous scholarship.

The book includes introductory notes, additional drawings and full English and Hebrew text. The English text is the acclaimed contemporary translation by the poet Chana Bloch.

The book is currently available for sale on Preview: click here.


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