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David Sperber – Contemporary Jewish Feminist Art in the US and Israel



March 9th, 2016 David Sperber and his Supervisor Professor Ruth Iskin (Department of the Arts, Ben-Gurion University) will discuss Sperber’s Phd. dissertation titled “Contemporary Jewish Feminist Art in the US and Israel, 1990-2015”.

Sperber will present the chapter about Helene Aylon’s’ “LIBERATION OF G-D”.

He has studied in the Department of Gender Studies at Bar Ilan university.  Sperber’s articles have appeared in numerous publications including academic periodicals, museum exhibition catalogs and in popular media.

In 2015 he co-curated (with Dvora Liss) the Jewish Art Salon exhibit New York / New Work: Contemporary Jewish Art from NYCfeatured at the Jerusalem Biennale.  The exhibit traveled afterwards to the Ein Harod Museum of Art.

In 2012 he curated with Dvora Liss the international exhibition Matronita: Jewish Feminist Art at the Ein Harod Museum of Art.

Helene Aylon, who is a Founding Member of the Jewish Art Salon, was featured in both exhibits.

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