Social Concern and Left Politics in Jewish American Art.

Two Jewish Art Salon advisors are in the news. Ori Z. Soltes reviewed the latest publication by Matthew Baigell. 
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“When I open a book written by Matthew Baigell I typically have two expectations. I count on something very well researched, with a careful and judicious handling of diverse sources, and I expect to come away with some new insights Baigell_BookCoverinto the subject, no matter how well I might have thought I already knew it. Baigell’s long history of parsing different areas of American art and of the work of American Jewish artists has yielded admirable discussions of these artists’ reflections on the Holocaust and on other issues relevant to human questions as those questions are filtered through both Jewish and American lenses”.

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3 responses to “Social Concern and Left Politics in Jewish American Art.”

  1. BEKKER Avatar

    Dear Professor Baigell,
    As an expert in American Jewish Art you are familiar with the artistic work of my father David Bekker.
    It occurred to me that you might find interest in the website my sister and I have put together to honor is memory and his artistic talent:

    In addition,I was wondering if you could help us unravel the mystery of the topics of some of our father’s paintings.As my sister and I were children when he passed away,there are a few pieces which which we cannot quite decipher or do not understand.

    If you are amenable I will send you photos of these particular items.

    In your book about American Jewish Artists you mention a comment made by our father regarding optimism of the future as opposed to the pessimism of the past as expressed in his work.It is ironic, however, that the content of very much of his work was nostalgic and rather tragic.

    All the best

    Alex Bekker

    1. Jewish Art Salon Avatar

      May I suggest you email Professor Baigell directly about this?

      1. BEKKER Avatar

        Thanks.I tried but none of his email addresses that I tried went through.Perhaps you know how to contact him?