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Abrahamic / Abrahamitisch by Maarten van de Heijden

The solo-exhibition ABRAHAMIC/ABRAHAMITISCH opens April 3 in the Folkingestraat Synagogue in Groningen, The Netherlands.
Opening reception with The Spirit of Gambo (5 viols / viola da gamba’s and 3 vocal soloists) performing Membra Jesu Nostri (by Buxtehude), and talks by Marcel Poorthuis & Aaron Rosen, PhD.
See short video of the opening here.
Two interviews with the artist in Dutch:Dutch radio starts at 38 minutes here.

A 2nd Dutch radio interview starts after 31 minutes here.

Membra # 2B

On view 23th of March until 15th of May this exhibition / installation is intended as a critique about the church, mosque, and synagogue, as well as a plea for the divinity of religious pluralism.

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