Siona Benjamin on ELI Talks

Midrash as the Stage for the Drama of Life

Growing up Jewish in India, surrounded by Hindu and Muslim culture, attending a Zoroastrian school – it’s easy to feel like an “other.”

Artist Siona Benjamin found her home in midrash (and you can, too).


ELI talks are highly produced, 12-minute presentations on “inspired Jewish ideas.” The talks explore the central themes of Jewish literacy, religious engagement and identity, presented in light of their presenter’s own work, personal experiences, or Jewish or secular texts. The speakers’ passions result in engaging and inspired talks that teach something new or perhaps counterintuitive.

View Siona’s talk here



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  1. It would help enormously if the Jewish Art Salon website designer would use high-contrast, black type-font. Unfortunately the graphic design as designed and posted, with light-value, low-contrast gray font and text, is not readable, accessible nor user-friendly. Thanks.


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