Freedom Imagined; Freedom Lived Exhibition

Miriam Stern and Billha Zussman have several art works in this show curated by Naomi Fishman.

J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts, Lindenwold University,

2300 West Clay St., Saint Charles, MO.

May 22 – June 17, 2016, Sunday to Wednesday by appointment, Thursday and Friday from 12 to 7 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

artCONVERSATIONS, a St. Louis-based art curator of exhibits that address human behavior and societal concerns, organized its inaugural exhibit, Freedom Imagined; Freedom Lived.

The exhibit features the works of more than 50 artists who express different histories, experiences, and perceptions of freedom and the progress they have–or have not–made in achieving their aspirations. The artists hail from the greater St. Louis region as well as sixteen states and six countries.


Ammonites II by Miriam Stern
Ammonites II by Miriam Stern

On May 2016, Zussman’s cartoons and animationfilm “Ruller-New End” were shown. You can watch RULLER on

Ruler by Zussman
Ruler by Zussman

“In our fast-changing world, each of us is compelled to contemplate our own interpretations of personal and public freedoms, even as we grapple with others’ understandings of freedom,” said Naomi Sonkin Fishman, founder of artCONVERSATIONS. “We called on artists to share compelling, nuanced perspectives on the pursuit of freedom in increasingly challenging environments. And the responses are telling.”

The exhibit showcases sculpture, painting, video, poetry, and dance. The works provoke conversations about patriotism and the cost of freedom, an evolving culture of women’s rights in the world, the experience of African Americans, the lens of freedom from Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim artists, as well as the challenges to freedom brought about by new technology.

For more information, contact Naomi Sonkin Fishman at (314) 477-5772 or

Image from Ruler by Zussman