Brooklyn: Juxtaposition – What happens when opposites collide?

Curated by Aimee Rubensteen this exhibition is on view from 30 June – August 14, 2016.

Opening June 30, 2016, 7 -9 pm

Repair The World, 808 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216.

Tuesday–Friday 12–6 PM and by appointment

Brooklyn: Juxtaposition is a group show featuring Brooklyn-based artists challenging the concept of juxtaposition. Hosted by Repair the World, the exhibition displays a range of conceptual artwork harnessing contrasting materials, such as fire and water, to literal depictions of diversity within the Jewish and non-Jewish communities in Crown Heights.

ElkeThe exhibition utilizes the photography, painting, multi-media sculpture and video on view as a platform to discuss the impact of tension. Race, culture and religion: these are familiar conversation topics in Brooklyn, but how do we utilize such differences to create something new, something creative and something sustainable in our community?

Brooklyn: Juxtaposition is an active model for a forward-thinking collaborative space. In this way, the exhibition is an incubator for a community-driven artist collective.

Featuring art by:

Rheanna Abbott, Fortune Chalme, Rina Dweck, Sara Erenthal, Talya Feldman, Danielle Frankel, Meirav Ong, Michael Pitter, Elke Reva Sudin, Hannah Roodman, Ron Taylor and Rusty Zimmerman.

Creatives Community Dinner will be on Friday, July 8, 2015 | 7:00 PM. Reserve your seat at One Table here


About Repair the World NYC

Repair the World’s NYC initiative launched in the fall of 2015 to tackle pressing local needs by mobilizing communities to volunteer. We enable people to transform their neighborhoods, city and lives through meaningful service experiences, rooted in Jewish values, history and heritage. Our team of eight full time fellows partners with fifteen organizations in Crown Heights and Bed Stuy to recruit and train the volunteers needed to address education and food justice needs in Central Brooklyn. Repair the World’s collaborative community storefront space at 808 Nostrand Ave is a hub for service and social justice initiatives.

About Aimee Rubensteen

Aimee Rubensteen is an independent curator and art critic living in Brooklyn. Focusing on contemporary artists that utilize unconventional materials, Aimee’s exhibitions use art as a platform to encourage viewers to act as participants rather than just observers. Her recent projects include curating Waiting in Wonder, a group exhibition that explored a traditional Jewish counting ritual through modern visual arts for a multi-purpose gallery, The Creative Soul; co-curating JOMIX – Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation with the Jewish Art Salon, to display a survey of contemporary Jewish artists using comics as a medium to address their cultural experience at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art; and working at Sotheby’s as the Administrator for Ancient Sculpture & Works of Art, African & Oceanic Art, and Pre-Columbian Art Departments.

Co-sponsored by Repair the World and made possible by “For Brooklynites, By Brooklynites” UJA-Federation of New York grant.