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Jerusalem Biennale Call for Art by the Jewish Art Salon

The Jewish Art Salon is excited to announce the curator for our next Jerusalem Biennale exhibition proposal: Ori Z. Soltes.

Mr. Soltes teaches in the Program for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, and is the former Director and Curator of the B’nai B’rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum. He has curated over eighty exhibitions, and is the author of several hundred articles, essays and books, including Our Sacred Signs: How Jewish, Christian and Muslim Art Draws from the Same Source and The Ashen Rainbow, Essays on the Arts and the Holocaust.
His most recent publication is Tradition and Transformation: Three Millennia of Jewish Art and Architecture. The black & white version available hereColor version available later this year. He is an Advisor to the Jewish Art Salon.

Our previous Biennale exhibit was expertly curated by Dvora Liss and David Sperber. Afterwards the exhibition travelled to the Ein Harod Museum; see here.


The Jerusalem Biennale 2017 theme is “Watershed.” 

According to Ori Z. Soltes:

“The term can be and has been used in two different ways. In nature it can refer to a place where diverse streams of water meet in a larger river or lake, or conversely, a line of hill from which rivers drain. As a metaphor it can refer to an event of some magnitude that alters the flow of historical motion in some way. Jerusalem itself has both been a magnet for historical watersheds and, as city on multiple hills, surrounded by diverse wadis and other hills, the location for more than a few natural watersheds. Both types have been long-term and, like flash-floods, impressive but only momentary.Thus the art that we are seeking for exhibition at the 2017 biennale may reflect on the natural concept or it may offer a political or historical commentary—in the latter case, in general terms, and in particular with regard to Jewish historical experience and to the Middle East—or it may combine both natural and historical-political elements.Given the parameters of the Jerusalem Biennale—to reflect on ways and places and ideas where contemporary art and the Jewish world of content intersect—we are particularly interested in work that addresses that world, however subtly, indirectly or overtly, alone or in conjunction with other worlds of experience.”
All JAS artists who are current in their membership are eligible, regardless of location. We are looking to feature JAS artists from all over, since we are a global organization.
One exhibit per artist
Last year artists were allowed to have works in more than one exhibit. This year the JB decide that artists can be part of two proposals, but in the end of only one exhibit. We are aware that several artists are planning proposals themselves. If you will be part of another proposal, you may still apply to the Jewish Art Salon’s exhibit, but if you are selected you will have to forego the other exhibit. If you cannot guarantee that, then do not apply to our exhibit.
SIZES / MEDIA of artworks

As a practical matter—given the complications of conveying works from North America or Europe to Israel—think also in terms that offer easy transport without sacrificing impact (eg, a large painting, say, that can be shipped rolled up, and hung on the wall from grommets or with push pins).Those of you who live in Israel of course can ship or deliver any way you like.

2-D art
The limitations of the exhibition venue mean that we will be in a position for the most part to show flat, wall-hung work,
 lightweight, although small-scale three-dimensional pieces that are easily enough transported can also be considered. 

Installation art 
will be encouraged, as long as the works are lightweight, and can be shipped / taken apart into smaller pieces. These pieces need to be put together easily; you may consider traveling to Jerusalem beforehand to help with the installation of your work.

Performance art
We are interested in featuring a 5 minute performance piece.


If you do not yet have works with the Watershed theme, this is fine. You will have a chance to make new work.

For deadlines & more info: see the email that was sent to member artists.
Click on the link provided in the email to submit your expression of interest by September 14.
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