Midwest Jewish Artists Lab 2017


Dorit Jordan Dotan was selected together with 10 artists from the Chicago area to participate. An exhibit of their work will be mounted in 2017 at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership.

Ten Chicago-area artists have been selected to participate in the Midwest Jewish Artists Lab, an innovative project designed to forge collaborations, inspire new work, and broaden the impact of the arts in Jewish life. The Chicago chapter begins this fall at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership, where, according to Spertus Provost and Vice President Dr. Dean Bell, “Jewish arts and cultural expression are considered key components of Jewish learning, community building, identity, and spirituality.”

Jewish Art Salon members Gabriella Boros, Ellen Holtzblatt and Judith Joseph  will exhibit work in Voices of Wisdomthis year’s inaugural exhibition of the Spertus Institute’s new Ground Level Arts Labopening September 25. The works were created in conjunction with the Midwest Jewish Artists Lab, in which Spertus brought the artists together for conversation, critiques, and community-building. 


  1. Thank you Yona! I hope to see you at the opening of Painted By Numbers. Best, Dorit >


  2. […] Source: Midwest Jewish Artists Lab 2017 […]


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