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Swing State at Rojas + Rubensteen

Exhibition opening reception November 28th, 7-9 pm. On view until January 29 2017.

Rojas + Rubensteen Projects
8051 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

Matthew Spiegelman, Lowrider Vaporizer, 2007

Swing State is about
challenging systems of American power. These works oscillate in the dialectic between Freedom + Control that is at the heart of political discourse. The choice to choose. The privilege to inhale. Surveillance + consumption…
In light of recent events, it is more important than ever to encourage conversation around these ideas + to support artists who create work with a powerful message.

Aimee Rubensteen, co-owner of  Rojas + Rubensteen Projectshas curated several art exhibits for the Jewish Art Salon.

Featuring work by
Laia Abril (Barcelona), Damon Casarez (Los Angeles), Jacobia Dahm (Berlin), Orestes De La Paz (Miami), Ben Gomez (Miami), Ayasha Guerin (New York), Meirav Ong (Jewish Art Salon member, New York), Kenneth Pietrobono (New York), Matthew Spiegelman (New York), Ryan Turley (New York), and Alexander Zimmer, Jeremy Handrup + Gabriel Bump (Chicago)

Exercise your freedoms at
Rojas + Rubensteen Projects, a new contemporary art gallery + community hub in Little River. It provides a platform to discuss global topics with diverse artists + emerging collectors by creating an accessible space for locals.

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