Body Narratives World Premiere Exhibition

Photography by Saul Sudin.

Thursday April 276-9pm

326 7th Avenue, New York, NY

326 Gallery is pleased to present the world premiere of Saul Sudin’s Body Narratives.

Body Narratives is an artistic portrait series that explores the mental, physical, and emotional experiences that shape us.

After working on a multitude of documentary projects, filmmaker Saul Sudin is now concentrating on honing the style of visuals that excite him, inspired by Film Noir and Chiaroscuro painting. In the process, he brings along the non-fiction interview approach he has refined over the years.

For Body Narratives, Sudin interviews real people and crafts fine art concepts specifically tailored for them to model in still photography. The provocative intention of this series is twofold: to strip away the masks that we use to protect ourselves from others, and to expose the shared narrative of struggle within us all.

Sudin began the project in 2015 and is working on completing a book of the series.

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