MUSEUM ON THE SEAM with 5 Jewish Art Salon members


Thou Shalt Not an exhibition that explores the intersection of faith, worship, and contemporary art.  
The show opens at  Museum on the Seam – a leading Socio-Political contemporary art museum – in Jerusalem on May 15th.

Jewish Art Salon members in the exhibit: Helène Aylon, Andi Arnovitz, Siona Benjamin, Ken Goldman and Ahron Weiner.

Ken Goldman – Tshuva Automaton


Four of Ahron Weiner’s Bible AdInfinitum© images will be featured.

Ahron Weiner – Bible Adinfinitum


Andi Arnovitz. Photo courtesy Nurit Jacobs Yinon


Andi Arnovitz – Detail.
Photo courtesy Nurit Jacobs Yinon

More info on the exhibit:

Ken Goldman – Teshuvah Automaton. Photo courtesy Nurit Jacobs Yinon


Faith that seeks to strictly preserve the boundaries and laws of the Jewish tradition, had always experienced difficulties coping with rapid changes around it, vis a vis Contemporary art that serves as a mirror depicting our times and their constant change, constantly seeks for itself the freedom of expression and artistic creation. It seems that lately an interaction is taking place between these two worlds, however faith and art will continue to seek the path between confrontation and reconciliation.

A radical change that stems from religious and secular artistic creation opens for us a corridor of mutual hope and inter-productiveness. The religious art which does not fear self-criticism towards traditional concepts mostly through the works and protests of feminist religious artists that search for their personal identity in a male dominated society .On the opposing side, the secular art, seeks the path to its Jewish sources, citing and using iconographic motifs from Jewish tradition and embracing Jewish faith . In this way the exhibition seeks to contribute and serve as a bridge while helping us understand this renewed discourse and the connection of these two worlds that are so close and yet so apart from each other, through the messages that the artists convey to us.