Brooklyn AfterParty with Yitzchok Moully

A unique monthly pop-up bar in the heart of Brooklyn at Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery, AfterParty combines a warm, funky, thoughtful atmosphere with experimental art openings, eclectic musical acts, unexpected performance art, and delicious, unusual cuisine.


September’s art opening begins September 10 from 7-8 p.m., featuring artist Yitzchok Moully.

Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery 

603 Saint Johns Place, Brooklyn, New York 11238

Moully’s solo exhibit showcases his new venture into augmented reality art. Well known for his bright, expressive Jewish pop art, Moully’s recent journey into technology takes his work to a whole new level. 

Entitled, “Visualizing Spirituality”, Moully calls upon the viewer as witness- through an app- to the hidden power of our commandments. As he says, “When we do a positive action there are spiritual reverberations around the universe, but unfortunately we are not spiritually in-tune to experience them. I attempt to visualize these reactions using the technology of augmented reality to convey this idea”.

Moully utilizes the strong contrast of stark, silkscreen images with free-flowing, liquid paint to highlight his interpretation of the spiritual reaction to our actions. Prepare for a color explosion!

The AfterParty kicks off in the gallery space from 8-11 p.m., celebrating Brooklyn Jazz Warrior’s record release for Kedeira their second album and first vinyl release. “Kedeira, Hebrew for kettle, references a cryptic talmudic passage about dream symbols; that if one sees such a kettle in their dream, they can look forward to shalom (peace and wholeness). The Brooklyn Jazz Warrior’s rhythmic beats and soulful lyrics, written and performed by lead singer and pianist Yisroel Arye Gootblatt, catch the listener in its hauntingly beautiful and redemptive quality. All new songs and all new vibrations showcased Sunday night. 

Itta Roth from Mason and Mugwill be on hand with gourmet sandwiches.