JAS Artists at non-JAS exhibits at the Jerusalem Biennale

Jewish Art Salon artists and curators in other (non Jewish Art Salon) exhibits at the Jerusalem Biennale:


Helène Aylon – Afterword: For the Children, curated by Dvora Liss & David Sperber

Lenore Cohen-Mizrachi & Fortune Chalme – Homelands

Mirta Kupferminc Traduttore – Tradittore

Bill Aron, Doni Silver Simons & Ruth Weisberg – Flashpoints – Jewish Artists Initiative

Ruth Schreiber100 Hundred Years of the The Balfour Declaration

Andi Arnovitz & Ken Goldman – Mamzerim: The Misbegotten

Yitzchok MoullyPopthodox

Jonatas Chimen – How to sink


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