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The Art Exhibition That’s Making The Invisible Jews Visible

The Jewish Art Salon partners with the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA) and Hevria to present an art exhibition that addresses the lack of representation of women in right-wing Ultra-Orthodox media. Curated by Goldie Gross, and curatorial advisors Faigee Hecht and Yona Verwer, this timely initiative has already garnered many strong responses and art submissions.

This November 15th article in Hevria by Laura Melnicoff discusses this issue…

.…” Merri’s piece has since developed into a planned art exhibit that is now taking submissions. Also called The Invisible Jew, the exhibit is a joint project of JOFA, Jewish Art Salon, and Hevria. It is calling for submissions in traditional and non-traditional media of images that represent the theme of women who struggle with being truly seen in their Jewish communities. While photographs in a magazine may capture the basic contours of a woman’s appearance, art has the capability to visually represent much more. It is definitely time to explore this challenge of being seen for who we are as Jewish women, and art is possibly the best place to start.”…

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