A conspicuous absence

Article in the New Jersey Jewish News, “A conspicuous absence” discusses our upcoming exhibit “The Invisible Jew” by Debra Rubin.

… “Ultra-Orthodox women can feel invisible in their communities. Their photos don’t appear in newspapers or in public announcements, and men make the rules on how they should act, dress, and live. Artists have responded to this communal silencing in a new exhibit…”

Quotes by Goldie Gross, the curator, Ken Schwartz, Detour Gallery’s owner, Merri Ukraincik whose article in Hevria was the inspiration for the exhibit, and the following artists: Andi LaVine Arnovitz, Ann Koffsky, Leah Caroline and Florence Nasar / Dance Projects. 

Published artworks by Yehudis Keller, Andi Arnovitz, Rena Bannett and Florence Nasar.

Read the article here.

Andi Arnovitz

Florence Nasar

Rena Bannett

Yehudis Keller

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