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New Art Exhibit Highlights Increasing Invisibility of Women in Jewish Media

“My gender is slowly being made to disappear from the Orthodox Jewish world.”

The JOFA blog published an article about the Jewish Art Salon’s exhibition The Invisible Jew at Detour Gallery in Red Bank, NJ.

… It takes images to counter a lack of images. The visual to address the slow fade from the public eye of Jewish female icons, peers, even friends and relatives. And through sculptures, photography, paintings and prints, the artists are not just noting the missing women but also questioning the demarcation lines of minhag and society that are impacting women. “The exhibit’s purpose is to open up a dialogue about how women are viewed in the religious world,” says Goldie Gross, co-curator of the exhibit with Yona Verwer, director of the Jewish Art Salon….

Read the full article here.

The exhibition The Invisible Jew is co-sponsored by JOFA, Art Kibbutz New York and Hevria.




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