Call for Art – Exhibition in Berlin

The triangle between cultural conquest, assimilation and integration, curated by Jewish Art Salon member Dorit Jordan Dotan.

Venue: Institut für Alles Mögliche Studio/Storefront Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Eligibility: USA and EU Artists are invited to submit work – existing or conceptual – for a group exhibition in Berlin.

Deadline: November 15, 2019.

Application info here.

Curator’s Statement:

Demographic changes affect global and local politics, economies, urban affairs and day to day life.

For some of those who were lucky to be born in a stable, strong, democratic country, it is hard to accept those changes. It creates fear of job loss and the changing of familiar local culture.  Immigrants or refugees face changes adapting to social behavior codes. History forewarns what can happen when hate, fear and a sense of threat grows among and between people coming from different cultures, who now share space.  

Making peace within oneself – coexisting with oneself and others – can be achieved in many ways. Art can create a safe, public place to express and explore these clashes of culture. 

Does acceptance of those different from us always result in complete assimilation?

Is cultural conquest inevitable?

Is integration the goal, or the compromise?

How do we go from tolerating to tolerance?

The art exhibition accommodates 2D art in all media.


  1. The exhibition is for North America and EU based artists.

    Living outside the US or EU and your work will be selected for this exhibition you will have to make sure it comes on time (2 days when I’ll be on site to receive art)… and add a paid return shipping label,
    You will have to sign and agree that any fees that might apply as custom tax, insurance, etc. are on your responsibility only.

    NON US/EU Artists: If you can handle the shipping and the possible of complications above, you are more then welcome to submit by November 15.


  2. i am. an immigrant.
    Exhibition in Berlin
    Entry Deadline: deadline extended to November 15!


  3. Thank you, Dorit, for the clarification. Yes, i need some luck 🙂

    Regards, Valeriya


  4. Hello Dorit,
    I’m a Canadian citizen. Am I eligible to apply?
    Thank you,


    1. Hi Valeriya, as long you can ship to the USA with a paid return lable you are welcome to submit.
      Good luck, Dorit


  5. Hi Dorit, Ash from London love to apply.

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    1. Hi Ash, London is defiantly part of the EU (leaving politics out of it).

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      1. off course! x


  6. Hi Heddy,
    Yes we exhibited several time together at the HUC Museum NY 😀
    The call is for USA/EU artists mostly because of the shipping. The other reson is that I’m trying to focus on immigration issues in the USA and Europe. If you can ship to the US with a return shipping label, you are welcome to submit. Best, Dorit


  7. I am an artist from the US, a long-term resident of Israel. I think we have shown together at HUC in NY. Would I be able to apply?

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