This is by a third party, not the Jewish Art Salon itself.

PROTOCOLS invites writerly and artistic submissions for its 
Issue #7: SIX + GENDERS.

Guest Editors:
Ariel Goldberg, Roey Victoria Heifetz, Hannah Tzuberi

The theme for Issue #7 alludes to the six gender/sex categories defined in the Talmud: zachar, n’keva, androginus, saris, aylonit, and tumtum.* While these categories are readable as objectified categories for legal assessment (not as identity-categories), they also seem to ambivalently consolidate and disrupt current male-female binaries as well as male-female-trans trinities. This issue thus asks how fields of Jewish culture and thought intervene in current and historical gender/sex schemes, with the Talmudic categories providing an alternative entry point and counter-site to Western modernity. The “+” in the issue’s title works both ways, marking that which exceeds modern rubrics of “gender” and that which exceeds the six categories elaborated in rabbinic texts. 

Please send pitches for essays, criticism, and reviews that outline the context, argument, and relevance to the issue. Fiction and creative nonfiction up to 6000 words; short-shorts and linked shorts 500-1000 words. No line limits for poetry. Translations, hybrid or intergenre work, and simultaneous and multiple submissions accepted, as well as reprints of work that has only appeared in print. 

We accept a range of art submissions including but not limited to textile, performance, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital, and other multi-media work. 

February 14, 2020

Send all text submissions and questions to

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*See, for example, Mishna Bikkurim 4, Mishna Yevamot 8.