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Kenissa and CAJM

The Jewish Art Salon attended the Council of American Jewish Museums Conference in Dallas TX last week. This week we will participate in the 2020 National Kenissa Consultation at the Isabella Freedman Center. In both cases our representative is artist / curator / Jewish Art Salon Founding member Richard McBee.

At annual Consultations every March, Kenissa convenes 50+ individuals whose work reflects innovative approaches to Jewish life. Participants benefit from seeing their particular endeavors in the context of a changing socio-political landscape and a rapidly changing Jewish community. Significant thinkers and practitioners beyond the Jewish world also enrich and broaden the conversation.

The three day Consultation Program has three broad goals.

One is to raise awareness of the impact Jewish innovation might have on American Jewish life.

Two is to demonstrate the scope and reach of Jewish innovation by mapping the Jewish innovation field to see just how many new organizations are operating on the North American Jewish landscape and to better understand who the innovators are, who they are attracting and in what ways this emerging ecosystem is similar or different from the actors and organizations that make up the more established, legacy Jewish community.

The third goal is an advocacy agenda: To be a catalyst for more collaboration, support and partnership between the Jewish legacy sector and the Jewish innovation ecosystem. 

More info on Kenissa here.

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