Online Live Art Critiques

We are excited to announce virtual programming.

Image by Ben Schachter at the Conney Conference

We invite our membership to participate in live-streamed virtual art events such as critiques, studio visits, workshops, etc., starting early April and continuing throughout the year. You have the option to be a viewer, an active participant, and / or a presenter.

Regardless of forced isolation these days, with members all over the world, this will be a great way to connect us all.

Each online event will allow participants to interact with the facilitator, the presenter, and each other.

We also want to hear from you what OTHER online programs you might be interested in.

So far we received offers of:

  • Leading workshops and illustrated lectures, such as: Jewish art history, Adobe CC for artists, Mixed Media art, Demo of how to make sun prints / Cyanotypes outside.
  • Conducting interviews with artists and other art professionals (art historians, curators, etc.), with audience participation.

  • Establishing a place for conversations and advice, possibly through Slack or WhatsApp.

JAS members sign up here:

NOT a member? You are invited to join us here.


Each online segment will be 15 minutes per presenter; two presenters per session. This will be done through zoom, a conferencing app that allows multiple people to participate in a meeting online. It is easy to navigate; you will need to download it on your computer.

We are planning virtual art critiques / studio visits to start early April, Sundays at 12:00 or 13:00 New York time, to accommodate most time zones. Additional topics will be scheduled on weekdays or evenings.


For Jewish Art Salon members only. All members are listed here, or by category: Fellows A-L, Fellows M-Z, Associates, & Student Fellows.

Do NOT email us with proposals for presentations please. That info needs to be filled out in the sign-up form.

OPTIONS for art visits:

  1. Prepare a presentation beforehand in video or Powerpoint and then screen share this, with the option of talking about your art while it is being shown.
  2. Preferably your presentation would be preceded by your live introduction.
  3. The visual presentation should be between 5 and 10 minutes, leaving a minimum of 5 minutes for comments, questions or critiques.

STEP 1: create a Zoom account:

STEP 2: download the app on your computer:

Artists who sign up will receive a link to the meetings beforehand.

QUESTIONS? Email us at jewishartsalon


People with hosting Zoom meetings experience to help with one or more sessions.

People to facilitate sessions: moderate art discussions and art critiques, lead a workshop or presentation, etc.

Must Reserve.

Sign up here, JAS members only:


  1. Mierle Laderman Ukeles · · Reply

    Hi YONA,

    Why am I not listed as a Member? I think I’ve been a member forever. Please Clarify.

    Shabbat Shalom!



    1. Hi Mierle, we had sent out membership renewals years ago, but didn’t hear back. I didn’t remove your name from the website, but probably one of our previous admins did. When I have a chance I will put you back on as an honoray member.


    2. PS We also never received your images and bio for your page, so I think someone took you off the Fellows page for that reason. If you email 4-6 images and a bio we will finish your artist page.


  2. Tati Knobel · · Reply

    Sholom Yona, i didn’t find my name on the members list. Tati Knobel


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