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Call For Art & Articles for publication JADA Art Journal

JADA Art Journal welcomes submissions worldwide, of art, and articles in any language, from artists and authors at every career stage, potentially.

All authors and artists will be invited to present at the Art Summit of Jada Miami Art Fair (Sponsored by the Jewish Art Salon) at Miami Art Week, in December of 2020!

The Jada Art Journal Mission: To further the discourse, exposure, and exploration of Metamodernist ideas by contemporary artists and authors. JADA Art Journal is an International, peer-reviewed, online, and in-print publication that mediates the dialogue, support, and critique of rising artistic tendencies. JADA Art Journal serves as an interdisciplinary point of convergence, where various practices, philosophies, and articulations may assist in the quest for truth and sincerity, while reclaiming the role of narrative in the forging of the here and now.

The 2020 JADA Art Journal topics are:
“Searching for Meaning: The Impact of Covid-19 in Art & Society”

Related Topics for submission: 

“The New Informed Naivety”

“The Demise of Art for Art’s Sake”

“The Rise of the Digi-Romantics”

What is your interpretation of the topics above?

Send your entry here:

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