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VIDEO: Susan May Tell Photographs and Debra Olin Fiber Art

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New York based artist SUSAN MAY TELL shows Photographs of Space, Silence and Solitude. These are photographs of personal projects, museum exhibitions and work commissioned by pre-eminent publications, in the United States, Middle East and Europe: the women fighters of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front, Iran-Iraq war, NBA Finals, actors, politicians, and more.

Massachusetts artist DEBRA OLIN presents Every Protection – Exploring Pregnancy and Childbirth in the Jewish Pale of Settlement. This is a studio visit and preview of artwork that is scheduled for exhibition at the Eldridge Museum in NYC. The artwork is inspired by an ethnographic questionnaire distributed throughout the shtetls in the Russian Pale of Settlement between 1912-1914 by S. An-sky. Every Protection explores the questions that explore pregnancy and childbirth.

Moderator: Yona Verwer.

Video edited by Jonah Rubin-Flett.

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Session organized and hosted by the Jewish Art Salon; co-sponsored by JADA Art and Art Kibbutz.

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