Video: Museum Moment – Tu B’Shevat

Jewish Museum Milwaukee and Jewish Art Salon present Museum Moments.  

Explore the art of “Tu B’Shevat” with Jewish Art Salon artists Cynthia Beth Rubin and Yona Verwer.

In these 15 minutes Cynthia and Yona talk about the holiday of Tu B’ Shevat (New Year for the Trees), and show their latest collaborative new media art work (with web developer Kris Tonski) related to this theme.

The session was moderated by Molly Dubin, Curator of the Jewish Museum Milwaukee.


2 thoughts on “Video: Museum Moment – Tu B’Shevat

  1. Thank you so very much Susan! High praise coming from you.

  2. Definitely watch it. It was a wonderful program as was its art.

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