CALL FOR ART – After the Flood: ReGenesis

Jewish Art Salon member artists are invited to submit work for consideration as featured artists in the live online “Open Studios” series. Provide a short text and up to 3 works.

Eligibility: ONLY Current Jewish Art Salon members may apply.

Artists and scholars who wish to join JAS membership are welcome to do so, but please know membership does not guarantee being featured in the program. Selections will be made by the curators.  Artists who presented in previous Jewish Art Salon Open Studios programs are eligible to apply, as long as the art meets the theme, and the presentation is new.

Deadline: 10-April-2021

After the Flood: ReGenesis

The new reality we have entered has changed the world order. Life will never be the same as it was before COVID-19. This modern plague, with its concurrent social upheavals, forces us to reconsider our ways. How can we create a better world that embraces diversity, compassionate treatment of humans and animals, and responsible stewardship of the natural environment? Jewish Art Salon’s member artists & curators are invited to submit work for consideration as featured artists. Submit 3 images and a short statement.

After the Flood: ReGenesis, will air live on Zoom in Spring 2021.

The JAS Open Studios sessions are co-curated by Judith Joseph and Dorit Jordan Dotan. Program Advisor:  Yona Verwer Team members: Chana Wiesenthal Elias and Cheselyn Amato.

The sessions will be recorded and posted on YouTube at a later date.

Only submissions by J.A.S. members will be considered.