The Samaritans: A Biblical People

The Jewish Art Salon is excited to partner with The Israelite Samaritans Project of the Yeshiva University Center for Israel Studies in the creation of a unique exhibition, The Samaritans: A Biblical People, which explores the Samaritans, their complex culture and religion, and their relationships with Jews, Christians and Muslims across time.

The exhibition will include Jewish contemporary art created by 10 of our members, to be announced later. 

Curated by Prof. Steven Fine, the Fall of 2022 will mark the opening at the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, with pop-up events in New York before that.

Prof. Fine teamed up with the Jewish Art Salon leadership to invite  specially created contemporary artworks that reflect upon the experience and history of the Samaritan people as seen through Jewish eyes.

Save the Date, MARCH 27-28 2022, NYC, and join us for:

* A sneak preview of The CIS CONTEMPORARY ART PROJECT! 

World renowned Jewish artists, Americans and Israelis, studied the history of the Jewish-Samaritan relationship. They are now making art for this forthcoming exhibition. This is a joint project with the Jewish Art Salon.

* The WORLD PREMIERE of the documentary “העדה—The Community”

Produced and directed by Moshe Alafi it stars the entire Samaritan community.  A joint project with the New Fund for Cinema and Television.

* Celebration of the book projects:

THE SAMARITANS: A BIBLICAL PEOPLE, published beautifully by Brill and YU Press.

TALES OF THE SAMARITAN ELDERS, as told to Moshe Alafi, by Leah and Steven Fine.

THE SAMARITAN COOKBOOK, by Benyamim Tsedeka, Ben Piven and Avishay Zelmanovich, published by Wipf and Stock.  

SAMARITAN MANUSCRIPTS IN THE YU LIBRARY, by Benyamim Tsedaka and David Selis. Accompanied by an exhibit at the Yeshiva University Libraries curated by the CIS Leon Charney Doctoral Fellow, David Selis.

We look forward to sharing more about upcoming programs as this international project is launched!

Book cover; editor Prof. Steven Fine

Mark Podwal, Samaritan Alphabet, 2020

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