Amen Institute Fellowship with JAS Members

The Amen Institute launched its first artist fellowship; 30 Jewish artists will be honoured as their Jewish Artists of the Week. Creatives have been assigned a portion of the Torah to inspire a visual art work, and they have been paired up with a Rabbinic fellow to study this portion with, where together they will work through important theological and spiritual questions that come from this biblical text.

Participating Jewish Art Salon artists:

Siona Benjamin, Gabriella Boros, Ellen Holtzblatt, Judith Joseph, Tobi Kahn, Mar Martinez, Tina Marcus, Richard McBee, Beverley Jane Stewart, Yona Verwer, and David Wander.

Through the inspiration of their Chevruta (partnered learning), they will create a work of art that will be featured in the Shabbat Newsletter of synagogues all around the world. At the end of the year, they will present and auction off this piece at the Color Commentary Art Gallery.

Public events with JAS members:

11-21-21: Richard McBee

Upcoming AMEN events with JAS members TBA

Non-JAS artists fellows:

Debra Band, Yael Harris Resnick, Kate Lenkowsky, Maxine Lee Ewaschuck, Well of Wills, Robert Katz, Olga Volozova, Robert Kushner , Estee Eliss, Geofferey Lawrence, Ayeola Omolara Kaplan, Samantha Fein, Yehoshua Hooper, Tsuriel Sdomi, Beth Achenbach, Melanie Siegel, Naomie Kremer, Yael Kanarek.

Rabbi fellows:

Ronnie Cahana, Aliza Sperling, Alicia Magal, Bronwen Mullin, Jason Herman, Yiscah Smith, David Kraemer, David Evan Markus, Ben Greenfield, Eryn London, Aaron Levy, Ysoscher Katz, Leibish Hundert
Jessica Meyer, Baruch Thaler, Michael Rothbaum.

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  1. jewishartsalon Avatar

    The Amen Institute will have a recording. I will ask them about it. The other 10 events with JAS members will also be recorded.

  2. Amy Levine-Kennedy Avatar
    Amy Levine-Kennedy

    Will you have a recording of this event available.