Call for Art: Radical Jewish Calendar 5783

What: Radical Jewish Calendar 5783. Organized by Jewish month, layering Jewish & Gregorian dates. Living in Jewish time, learning Jewish history.

The Radical Jewish Calendar is a celebration of Jewish culture that is intersectional, queer, feminist, anti-racist, and that challenges and builds a Judaism and Jewishness beyond Zionism. You’re invited to tell us about your experiences and identities, in line with our commitments to celebrating the depth, breadth and diversity of Jewish experiences. (ie. age, race, ethnicity, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, etc)

They are looking for 13 people or teams to design the art for each month and the cover. You’re invited to submit art, collage, visually compelling text, that:

Captures a moment in radical~Jewish history (expansive definitions of both)
Shows a movement, trend, idea within/adjacent/important to radical Jewish life (ie. solidarity, resistance, feminism, etc, etc til forever)
Portrait of a person, teacher, elder, movement leader
Some other rad thing you think of!

Artists are welcome to submit works in progress, unfinished pieces, completed pieces, or works that were made for another project. Due to the timeline of the project, if you submit an unfinished piece and are chosen, you will have 2 weeks to submit final art.

Submissions due by 1 Nissan / April 1.

Two step submission process:

  1. 1) Fill out this form:

2) Send a high resolution jpeg (300 ppi) to that:
-Is horizontal
-Size 8.5” x 11”
-Has a .25” border around each side
-Scanned on a flatbed scanner

If you are interested in including text in your artwork, they ask that you imagine the text up on a wall and adjust the size accordingly.

Questions? Email RadJCal@bethheit