The Lost Expressionist – Nick Yudell by Celia Rabinovitch

JAS member Dr. Celia Rabinovitch art directed and curated a new exhibition at the Manitoba Museum entitled The Lost Expressionist – Nick Yudell, A Photographer Discovered. Featured is a vivid world captured by a young Jewish Canadian photographer from rural Manitoba during the Dirty Thirties. 

His photographs feature dramatic portraiture, experimental photography, and images of play, place, and self. His life touched the rural, urban, ethnic, and Jewish communities. 

FEBRUARY 19, 2022 TO AUGUST 1, 2022

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“Moments of everyday life reflecting a particular time and place transport us to speak to present-day circumstances and sensibilities. Celia Rabinovitch does great justice to the spirit, intent, creativity and world view of Nick Yudell. These marvelous photographs make a public dialogue possible in which the past becomes a vehicle for understanding our present and perhaps provides insight into what lies ahead.” 

Stanislao Carbone, Director of Programs and Exhibits, Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada

Rabinovitch is also the author Duchamp’s Pipe, a recent publication about artist Marcel Duchamp and chess master George Koltanowsky.

“The airiest flights of spatial logic and artistic creativity meet in the fascinating relationship between the chess master George Koltanowski and the artist Marcel Duchamp that  Duchamp’s Pipe  so beautifully portrays …with absorbing story-telling that in the end conveys a tale that is mythic and larger than life.”

—DENNIS McNALLY author of Desolate Angel, a biography of Jack Kerouac.  A Long Strange Trip, the history of the Grateful Dead. and On Highway 61, a study of music and race.