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VIDEO: Anti-Semitism at the Documenta

Roundtable discussion about the international scandal over anti-Semitic artworks at the Documenta Fifteen art exhibition in Kassel, Germany.

Ben Schachter, Professor of Visual Art, St. Vincent College, moderates a discussion of the art in question and the conflict between issues of anti-Semitism in the art world and protection of free speech. Dorit Jordan Dotan, who visited Documenta Fifteen, shares her observations and a work of art she created in response to the experience.

Completing the artists’ panel are Dorene Schwartz-Weitz, Chana Wiesenthal Elias and Selena Rojhani, who each share their art and insights about the topic.

Curators: Dorit Jordan Dotan and Judith Joseph.

Additional team members: Yona Verwer and Cheselyn Amato.

Made possible with support by CANVAS.

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