Ahron D. Weiner


Ahron D. Weiner creates photography, advertising decollage, and mixed media art. Having lived for several years in Prague, he traveled Eastern Europe extensively, documenting both the remnants of a disappearing Jewish heritage, and a modern-day pilgrimage of Jews returning to rural Ukraine. Ahron has used photography as medium to manifest the hallucinogenic effects of Absinthe; and as a means of exploring the artistic value of advertising once its commercial purposes have been exhausted.  

Ahron’s practice progressed from photographing shredded advertising posters on city scaffolding and walls, to systematically decollaging in situ street advertising posters–a form of Semiotic Archaeology–to uncover hidden meanings and hermetic truths.   He’s recombined appropriated images and logos from print and online media in the interest of candor.  He’s fabricated skeletons out of logos, fashioning mascots of the ways not just our minds but our bodies too have been proprietized.  He’s combined found objects – rusted scrap metal, dental impressions, discarded technology, natural detritus and brand iconography – into immersive environments – commercespheres – in which the audience itself becomes the installation: an entity to be demographically parsed.

Ahron’s work has been featured in museums, galleries, and art fairs including The Klompching Gallery, the Front Room Gallery, The Armory Show (NY), the Long Island Biennial, the Dumbo Arts Festival and the Jerusalem Biennale (exhibition by the Jewish Art Salon).  His work is in the permanent collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, the Rosenbach Museum and the Mishkan Museum of Art (IS).­

Ahron is also principal at SirREALISM, a creative consultancy that provides advertising, design and brand innovation services to a growing list of visionary clients.




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