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Archie Rand’s NYC Exhibit & Reviews

“Two Italian Series” by Archie Rand will be on view from September 22 until October 24, 2016 at The Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY.

In addition, The Los Angeles Review of Books just published a substantial article on “The 613” by Rand: A God Who Let Us Prove His Existence Would Be An Idol: Archie Rand, “The 613,” and the Slippery, Vexing, Kafkaesque Problem Of the Jewish Visual Imagination.

“I FIND THE ARTIST, Archie Rand, standing with his wife Maria outside B’nai Yosef, a Sephardic synagogue on Ocean Parkway, in a predominantly Orthodox area of Brooklyn, New York. We have made a date to have lunch and discuss his magnum opus, “The 613,” a series of wonderfully odd and troublesome paintings now documented in book form as, yes, The 613 (Penguin Random House/Blue Rider Press, 2015). But first, we are going to see the origins of that project: murals Rand did for B’nai Yosef almost 40 years ago.

“This place attracts mystics from all over New York,” Rand whispers as we step inside. “It can get pretty wild.”
Continue the article here.


The Cleveland Jewish News just published this article on Rand’s “Sixty Paintings From The Bible” show, curated by our Advisor Samantha Baskind at The Galleries at Cleveland State University here.
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