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Virtual: Modern Jewish Narratives

We are kicking off our weekly virtual program series on April 19th, 2020, 1:00-2:00pm (EDT) with a presentation by three of our members:

Archie Rand, Richard McBee & Joel Silverstein present Modern Jewish Narratives, a Powerpoint of their Jewish Art Salon exhibition, followed by a discussion with the viewers.

JAS members and alumni will be sent a Zoom invite by email.

In this groundbreaking exhibition at the Hyams Museum Archie Rand presents a searing exploration of two series: The Book of Ezekiel (2019) and The Book of Esther (2019); deconstructing the ancient biblical text into deeply personal and cutting-edge commentaries. In 2019 Rand was selected as the second Farash Foundation Fellow for the Advancement of Jewish Humanities and Culture, the first having been awarded in 2018 to literary giant, Amos Oz.

This series of virtual art studio visits is produced by the Jewish Art Salon; co-sponsored by JADA Art and Art Kibbutz

Richard McBee’s paintings of Ezekiel, spanning 39 years, ponder the role of the Holocaust, acceptance of Torah and mystical experience in Ezekiel’s visions.  Additionally the narratives of Vashti, Esther, Mordechai, Haman and the King are explored as well as a meditation on the Binding of Isaac. 

Joel Silverstein’s radically eclectic works reassess Tanach, Exodus and Ezekiel through his personal lens of 20th and 21st Century movie, pop and comic book references, including a 10-foot painting; “Ten Commandments and a Question”(2017), previously exhibited at the Jerusalem Biennale. 

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