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Sudin, Elke Reva

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Born in 1987, and based in Brooklyn, Elke Reva Sudin is a graduate of Pratt Institute and fine art painter.

Elke has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows in New York City as well as at Art Basel Week Miami, the Canton Museum of Art, and the Madden Museum.

Selected solo exhibitions

“We Are Patriarchs” 2013, at the Hadas Gallery, Brooklyn NY “Hipsters & Hassids” (various dates), at the German Consulate (NYC), the Jewish Education Project (NYC), Le Salon D’Art (NYC), the Chase Family Gallery, Hartford, CT; and the Greenstein Gallery (Long Island).

Selected group exhibitions

“Sacred Voices,” 2013, at the Canton Museum of Art

“Fiesta Lenta” 2014, during Art Basel Week, Miami

“Transcending History: Moving Beyond Slavery and the Holocaust”, 2010, Vivant Art Collection, Philadelphia.


The Jewish Week “36 Under 36” 2011

PresenTense Fellow, 2013.

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