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Schlosberg, Val

The Rainbow, 2021, underglaze on stoneware, 17.5 x 9 (with handles) x 4 inches

Valerie Schlosberg is a writer, artist, and educator currently based in Zhigaagoong (Chicago, IL). Val is interested in Jewish mysticism, gay time travel, and summoning golems. Val got their degree in Art Theory at the University of New South Wales and is currently undertaking studies toward ordination as a Hebrew Priestess at the Kohenet Institute.

Val’s work deals with themes of Jewish mysticism, ecology and ecotheology, speculative futures and apocalypse, and gay love and sex. Val is a ritualist as well as a propagandist. As a ritualist, their vessels stitch together the ancient and the prophetic, containing the possibility of becoming a portal between the living dreams of ancestors and the holy desire of descendants. As a propagandist, they hope to carry the legacy of the anti-fascist clay monster of Jewish myth, the golem, by using their creations to shame, mock, and attack Empire and its agents.

You can find more of Val’s art and inspiration on Instagram, @h0ly_g0lem, and on their website,

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