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Gross, Goldie

Work 1: My Jewish Nose (עס איז נישט אנדערש). Oil and gold leaf on panel.

Work 2: In Spite of You, We Live On. Oil on panel.

Work 3 and 4: Gaza Israel


Goldie Gross is an artist, curator, and researcher based in Brooklyn who currently works at Phillips in Object Intelligence Research. She received her MA in Art History from the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU, where she concentrated on modern and contemporary art with special interests in Jewish art and American Communism. She wrote her thesis on the Communist American artist Lydia Gibson (1891-1964). She received her BA from Baruch College in Art & Business.

Goldie’s past research includes her honors thesis on art in the Communist Yiddish press in NYC in the 1920s and 1930s. Titled “A Study of Der hammer: Aesthetic Influences on Art and Culture in the Communist Yiddish Press,” it received the Kanner Prize for Outstanding Thesis at Baruch College. She continues to work on research, writing, and translations related to Der hammer. An entry based on her research will be published in an upcoming edition of The Encyclopedia of the American Left, along with an entry on Lydia Gibson. Other publications include an essay co-authored with Yehudis Keller titled “Diagramming Modesty: on the Use of Tznius Diagrams,” published in Artifacts of Orthodox Childhoods: Personal and Critical Essays, edited by Dainy Bernstein (Ben Yehuda Press, 2022), and “Watching the Watchers: Surveillance Art and Algorithmic Activism,” written with Alejandra López-Oliveros and Janelle Miniter.

Goldie occasionally organizes exhibitions and recently cocurated Avital Meshi: Subverting the Algorithmic Gazethe Spring 2022 Great Hall Exhibition at the Institute of Fine Arts, along with Janelle Miniter and Alejandra Lopez-Oliveros. Other recent Jewish Art Salon exhibitions include PAUSE: Jewish Heritage Month/Ways of Being at 81 Leonard Gallery, cocurated with Hannah Rothbard, and Genesis: The Beginning of Creativity (chief curators Richard McBee and Joel Silverstein, to be exhibited 2023). Goldie has also curated The Invisible Jew and Natural Instincts for the Jewish Art Salon, and co-curated POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence and Convivio: Jews, Hispanics, and the ComicsShe was the curatorial assistant for Jewish Art Salon’s Spinoza, Marrano of Reason in Amsterdam, NL, and she curated the first and second annual Sukkahwood. She co-produced the Jewish Art Salon’s exhibition Jerusalem Between Heaven And Earth at the Jerusalem Biennale 2017, curated by Ori Z. Soltes.

She likes to play with blowtorches and precious metals in her spare time.


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