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Finck, Harriet

Harriet Finck Shir Hashirim installation

Harriet Finck Shir Hashirim installation

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With an M.Arch. from Harvard University, I practiced architecture for several years.
I turned to collage and painting, eventually becoming a full time artist, exhibiting and selling my work.
I began a teaching career as an adjunct art professor, and joined an art center as an instructor, where I still teach.

My paintings, mostly acrylic on paper, are abstract and nature based. My themes are the oneness of natural phenomena – similar patterns at the cellular and astronomical levels – and of fragmentation leading to wholeness.
I address similar themes in pen and ink drawings.
I work with mixed media, too; foil scrolls, found object assemblages.

I periodically turn to ancient Hebrew texts as a motif, sometimes incorporating the words themselves, mining my intensive education in classical Jewish narratives for meaning.
My series based on texts include Standing at Sinai, Rachel in Childbirth, Nadavihu, Kohelet, Job, and Psalms.
My most recent work, a five part, 16’ long piece, is called Shalshelet.

I have had residencies at the Rubin Frankel Gallery at the Boston University Hillel, at William Paterson University, with Art Kibbutz, and at Camp Ramah.
I have had one woman and duo shows at galleries in New York and New Jersey. I participate in group exhibits annually.
My work is in corporate collections and has been reviewed in several publications.
My studio is in Manufacturers Village, East Orange, New Jersey.


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