Schoneberg, Ketzia

Ketzia Schoneberg is a contemporary mixed media artist. Her intimate works explore movement, temporality, color, pattern and form, while navigating relationships between identity, culture, and eroticism within an internal landscape.

She is inspired by the liminal space between the human and animal worlds, natural history, ethnic identity and the sensual experience. The experience of Beauty, the portrayal of alliance, and sometimes humor are common themes in the artist’s work. Ketzia’s use of color is informed by emotional pitch in the moment of working, and mark-making is essential to her narratives as a conveyance of candor.

Schoneberg is a prolific artist, whose expressive style is primitive and engaging. Figurative and abstract elements, vivid color and loose mark making are hallmarks of her figurative expressionist style. The artist uses acrylic paint, graphite, pastel, charcoal and wax pencil on paper, board and canvas in her works. Ketzia’s process is intuitive and loose, often influenced by the palette, materials and imagery that are close at hand in the moment.

Schoneberg’s work is exhibited in museums and galleries nationally, and her paintings are collected throughout the U.S., Israel and Canada. Born in Los Angeles, the artist grew up in San Francisco and is currently living and working in the Pacific Northwest.

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The Morning and Evening Star, mixed media on 140 lb archival cold press paper
artist’s portrait by @hoodidea and @kimiphotographyportland