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Schreiber, Ruth

Ruth Schreiber "Balfour at 100"

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Ruth Schreiber, born 1947 in London, has studied in UK, USA and Israel (at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design) and is based in Jerusalem, Israel.

Since 2004 Schreiber has exhibited in Israel, USA, England, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Philippines, Turkey, Colombia and Serbia.

Selected solo exhibitions include

“Women in Judaism”, Sept 2014, at Attenweiler Gallery in Germany, and “White Out”, Dec 2010, at Tel Aviv Artists’ House, TA, Israel.

Selected group exhibitions include

“Matronita-Jewish Feminist Art”, Jan 2012, Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel; “Nothing to Declare: VideoArt”, Nov 2011, Vargas Museum, Manila, the Philippines; and “From the Melting Pot into the Fire- Contemporary Ceramics from Israel”, April 2010, Gardiner Museum for Ceramic Art, Toronto, Canada.
Ruth Schreiber was Guest Artist at the Jerusalem Print Workshop ( for 2012.

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