About Art in Jewish Sacred Spaces

Art in Jewish Sacred Spaces exhibits projects installed in synagogues as a core aspect of the embellishment of the building, or as a response to the architecture, as well as ritual objects used in communal or private sacred practice. To encourage exploration and innovation, envisioned future works are also included.

Our online Gallery seeks to enliven the conversation surrounding Jewish art by including a variety of artists with innovative and often cutting-edge approaches to creating a broad body of work. Thus, for many of the artists in this exhibition, the work in “Sacred Spaces” is just one aspect of a more expansive artistic practice exploring a variety of materials, media and imagery in the fine arts.

All artists represented are Fellows or Associate Members of the Jewish Art Salon, which provides access to resources, programs and exhibitions, helping its members develop lasting partnerships with artists, curators and the general public.

With this Gallery we hope to inspire artists working in the fine arts to step into the world of synagogue and ritual art, strengthening our communities with high quality art. We invite anyone seeking synagogue and ritual art to imagine the endless possibilities of commissioning artists with broad visual art practices.

Cynthia Beth Rubin & Leah Caroline,  Curators: Art in Jewish Sacred Spaces
with Carol Man and Ruth Simon McRae
Advisors: Judith Joseph and Yona Verwer