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Permeable Boundaries

Joel Silverstein, Julie Seidman and Alan Falk exhibit in Permeable Boundaries

Green Kill, Kingston, NY

May 6-June 28, 2022

Opening Reception Saturday, May 7th , 5:00-7:30 PM

Permeable Boundaries examines the idea of nature and its complex relationship with humanity. Nature may be perceived as an autonomous force, the origin of spirituality, and the core of an ancient mythic identity. These artists use traditional painting methods routinely upended in order to demonstrate contemporary ecological issues, when the very definitions and paradigms concerning the natural world must be changed for the planet’s survival.

Specifically of interest to JAS members, Alan Falk’s landscapes are a meditation on the works of the Jewish mystic, Isaac Luria, (1534- 1572), and Joel Silverstein’s large history paintings are based on both Hebrew and Samaritan texts.

Julie Seidman’s watercolors round out this trio, by introducing surreal elements into observed woodland scenes. Taken together, these artists express both beauty and contemporary issues in powerful and unique ways. 

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