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Argument For The Sake Of Heaven. How do we participate in constructive argumentation?

Page 6 features art by JAS member Beth Grossman:

Sh’ma Now editor Susan Berrin:

“The election is over; the inauguration has passed. We face four years of an administration that will challenge us in extraordinary ways. One of the responses I thought might be helpful is to examine what Jewish thought and wisdom teaches about constructive argumentation, the Jewish sensibility of “Machlochet l’Shem Shamayim”—“Argument for the Sake of Heaven.” This issue of Sh’ma Now gives you—our readers— a place to explore how we might approach Americans and Jews who we generally don’t speak with. How do we build dialogue with people with whom we can’t imagine sharing any language? Why is it important to understand what inspired supporters of candidates we so completely disagree with? This month, I‘ve curated an issue to be a resource for engaging others.

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