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Call for Submissions for Protocol’s Issue #6: TONGUES.

PROTOCOLS is an online cultural journal that curates and publishes writing and art from across the global Jewish diaspora with attention to progressive and leftist politics.

They are looking for art and writings for their next issue.

About the Call:

From the tower of Babel to the Zionist language wars, from lashon ha’ra to lashon ha’kodesh, from erotic pleasure to boiled, corned, and pickled beef, TONGUES evoke a broad set of associations in Jewish culture and beyond. TONGUES are both a metonym for different languages and a literal muscular organ, traversing the conceptual and material, the sacred and profane, and the social and political. They give shape to Jewish questions of difference and sameness; they materialize social relations and ritual functions; and, in their very tactility, they create and register pleasure and pain. How might TONGUES index, both literally and figuratively, internal Jewish borders? How might they open us to different forms of contact and relation? And what of so-called “mother tongues?”

Please send detailed pitches for essays, criticism, and reviews that outline the context, argument, and relevance to the issue. Fiction and creative nonfiction up to 6000 words; short-shorts and linked shorts 500-1000 words. No line limits for poetry. Translations, hybrid or intergenre work, and simultaneous and multiple submissions accepted, as well as reprints of work that has only appeared in print. 

We accept a range of art submissions including but not limited to textile, performance, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital, and other multi-media work. 

Relevant submissions might address:

August 19, 2019

Send all text submissions and questions to

Send all art submissions to

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