Carve Stone

Carve Stone grew up just outside of Boston, very aware of being an artist, and mostly admiring the work of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.
 At a young age, she frequented art museums with pad and pencil, and attended adult museum art classes. She graduated from the university of Tampa, where she held a hammer and chisel for the first time, finding her lifelong passion of creating stone sculptures.

She is outfitted with goggles, respirator, ear protection and gloves, chooses a carving stone, wetting it’s surface, seeing it’s coloration and grain. Then she draws a design onto it’s surface, using traditional tools: hammer and chisels to remove larger pieces of stone, continued with electrical equipment, various diamond-coated burrs and blades which reduce a rough jagged surface. She uses grinding stones, rasps, wet/dry sandpaper, and electrical sanding.
Lastly, the stone is polished by hand, and mounted onto a base.

Her collections of work vary, representing female torsos, women’s high-heeled shoes, pointe ballet slippers, flowers, an ongoing body of abstracts and as of recent a heart people collection.

Carve works outside, finding the natural elements conducive for the calm and focus needed to create.

She continues to exhibit her sculptures in museums, universities and art galleries throughout North America; her stone sculptures can be found in private collections.



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