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Man-Carol art

Carol Man

Hong Kong and New York City, NY USA BIO: Decidedly Jewish, Carol Man began her journey from a totally alien background. Born in colonial Hong Kong into a traditional Chinese family dating back to the Song Dynasty (creators of the world’s first bank notes,) she began a Jewish journey through the 90’s, that […]

Harriet Finck

East Orange, NJ USA Brief Bio and Statement I was raised in an Orthodox home, and was yeshivah bred.When I became a collagist, and then a painter – after some years as anarchitect – I hadn’t a thought about doing Jewish themed work.Years into it, some friends and I started an Artists’ Beit Midrash at […]


Yona Verwer

New York City, NY USA Fine Art Applied Art “Wellsprings”, 2004.40’ x 3’ Acrylic and gold leaf lettering on plaster.The Center for Jewish Discovery, New York, NY. David Ashen, Architect, D-Ash Design.Commissioned by Rabbi Naftali Rotenstreich.40’ by 3’ Water-themed mural on an elliptical frieze in the foyer of the Hi-tech Talmud Torah in […]

Hillel Smith Hillel Smith is an artist and designer from Los Angeles, now based in Washington, DC. Focusing on expanding the boundaries of Jewish art, he revitalizes ancient rituals with projects in contemporary media, encouraging creative reconsideration of religious practice. He has painted dynamic Jewish murals around the world and is the founder of the Jewish […]

Judy Sirota Rosenthal 

Hamden, CT USA As a multidisciplinary artist, Judy Sirota Rosenethal works in many forms, adjusting to what the concept requires – site specific installation, assemblage with a variety of materials, works on paper, photography. From small meditative pieces to immersive human-size ones, the work investigates being human, the interface with human emotions /spirit […]

Andi Arnovitz

Andi Arnovitz lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel. She is a  conceptual artist, using etching, digital information and various printmaking processes, as well as fabric, thread and even porcelain to create both print series, artist books and large-scale installations. These pieces explore various tensions that exist within religion, gender and politics.            Andi  has exhibited her work […]