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Susan Shender

St. Louis, Missouri USA Susan Shender, a native of Chicago, lives in St. Louis, Missouri.  She is a retired architect and had a practice for over thirty years.  Susan started Sukkah Soul with the design of the sukkah kit in response to the study of Jewish texts and sources.  For Susan, text study leads to […]

Asherah Cinnamon

Limington, Maine USA   Asherah Cinnamon was raised a Feminist, with Jewish values of Justice, Integrity, and Community. She came to the US as the immigrant child of Holocaust survivors. Much of her family were killed or lost, while others scattered worldwide.  Jewish communal celebrations going back six thousand years hold meaning for many […]

Leah Caroline Leah Caroline was raised in the Chassidic community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She received her BFA at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts and currently lives and works in New Haven, CT. Her works are nature journals; collections and records of plants, life, and her pregnant self. She makes cyanotype scrolls—an early photographic printing process […]